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HZNU S &T Park Selected as National S &T Business Incubator


The Science & Technology Park of Hangzhou Normal University (HZNU), as one of the 7 business incubators recommended by Zhejiang Provincial Science & Technology Department, successfully passed the experts’ review of the National Torch Center, and became a member of the 129 national science & technology business incubators in 2016. During the review, 6 enterprises from Zhejiang were on the list, and 7 universities’ science & technology parks were selected as national science &technology business incubators.

National Science and Technology Business Incubator is built by the Ministry of Science & Technology Department to implement the "People's Republic of China SME Promotion Law", "National Medium and Long-Term Science and Technology Development Plan (2006-2020)", and "National Long-term Talent Development plan (2010- 2020)”, to guide the healthy development of China's science & technology business incubators, to enhance incubators’ management level and entrepreneurial incubation ability, to create a good environment for the promotion and development of China's science and technology enterprises, and to cultivate talents to start technological entrepreneurship. Technology business incubator (short by incubator) is a technological entrepreneurship service carrier, aiming to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and train high-tech enterprises and entrepreneurs. Incubator is an important part of the national innovation system, the base to cultivate innovative and creative talents, and an important part of the regional innovation system. It is reported that the national incubators are identified by administrative departments of science and technology of the State Council.